The Bachelor Goes Bond

Last night The Bachelor brought his a game.

Seeing a glimpse of Faith’s sense of humour during last week’s photo shoot group date, Richie was eager to get to know her better.

With a license to thrill and wearing a slick tuxedo, Richie wowed Faith with a high-octane speed boat ride down Sydney’s Hawkesbury River, before the pair sipped martinis – shaken, not stirred, of course – by the water.

Richie and Faith then enjoyed a playful game of basketball in the pool, where Faith unleashed her competitive side. Discussing past relationships and future hopes, Richie and Faith got to know each other on a deeper level. After a romantic kiss, a beaming Faith returned to the mansion with a rose.

On tonight’s group date, Eliza, Georgia, Keira, Noni, Olena, Rachael and Sophie got up close and personal with Richie for some ballroom dancing. After a seductive dance-off with each of the ladies, Richie named Keira as the belle of the ball and whisked her off on her very own mini-date.

Concerned that being rewarded with this date could hinder her from being selected for a proper one-on-one date with Richie, Keira said: “I’m a little bit annoyed because that means I don’t get a single date.”

After a trip in a horse-drawn carriage, Keira and Richie danced in a magical courtyard with their very own orchestra, before Keira was given a rose.

But Keira’s fairy tale was cut short when she arrived home to face a confrontation with Eliza, who accused her of behaving in an ungrateful manner at the group date. Tension carried through to the cocktail party, where Eliza’s attempt at an apology was not well-received.

Alex’s white rose continued to cause conflict With  Rachael made it clear that Alex should wait until everyone had their chance to speak to Richie before using her white rose.

After not spending any alone time with Richie this week, Alex was overwhelmed by her emotions and she began to worry about whether she was still on the Bachelor’s radar.

Luckily, Alex received a rose at the cocktail party. Unfortunately, Marja, 34, and Sophie, 28, were sent home from the Bachelor mansion.

New South Wales yoga teacher Marja said: “I had so much fun with Richie and I know that he had so much fun with me. It was just, for whatever reason, my time.”

South Australian customer support manager Sophie said: “I hope my man is out there somewhere and I hope I get to find him soon. I’m not sad that Richie wasn’t my true person. I am happy he stuck to how he was feeling. There is nothing worse than being led on, so I respect the guy for that.”