The Bachelor Gets Wet on the Farm

The Bachelor Gets Wet on the Farm

Last night Sam took a trip to the beach and the farm both of which required limited clothing.

Emily, finally had her chance to impress Sam on a romantic escape to the beach set to make all the girls jealous. Patiently waiting her turn for a date with The Bachelor, Emily seemed nonchalant when her name appeared on the date card delivered by Osher.

While Sam prepared for the perfect date with the Melbourne beauty, he hoped their physical chemistry would develop more as he got to know her. Arriving at a secluded bay, Emily’s face lit up as she and The Bachelor set off on a treasure hunt, leading to a beautiful diamond bracelet.

Then, as they enjoyed champagne and cheese on the sand, Sam stole a cheeky kiss and presented the lucky lady with a rose.

On the group date, Jasmin, Sarah, Nina, Bec, Heather, Ebru, Rachel and Snezana got back to basics on a trip to the great outdoors.

Sam,  kicked off the festivities with an apple bobbing competition, followed by some sheep shearing with his eight jillaroos.

While Heather was at home in the country and most of the ladies embraced the fresh air, the simple life proved too hard for Jasmin, who was not interested in getting her hands dirty.

Later, Sam treated the Bachelorettes to a barn dance, complete with a string quartet, line dancing and plenty of bubbles to celebrate the day’s activities.

Taking a break from the hoedown, he invited Snezana outside for some fresh air. Their physical chemistry was obvious and Sam broke all the rules of a group date, stealing a sneaky pash.

Back at the mansion, the drama continued as the Bachelorettes prepared for another rose ceremony. Following her lack of participation on the group date, Jasmin was nervous and insecure as the Bachelorettes entered the room.

With nine girls remaining and just eight roses, Sam made the tough decision to send Jasmin home. Jasmin, 24, a marketing graduate from Queensland, said: “I don’t think Sam really got to know me through the group dates. He saw a side of me, but probably didn’t spend enough time with me. “I haven’t given up on love, it’s just a new chapter for me and we will see what happens.”