The Bachelor gets July launch date

The Bachelor gets July launch date

10 has finally confirmed The Bachelor will launch later this month.

When meeting The Bachelor, you want to make the best first impression right?

When that Bachelor is tall, dark and handsome astrophysicist Matt Agnew, 23-year-old Sydney model Vakoo isn’t taking any chances.

With girls in wedding dresses, flirting in French, Persian and Mandarin, and giving tattoos to Matt, Vakoo knows she has to lift her game.

Perched up in a stretch limousine in a sea of pink tulle, and with Matt waiting patiently in the distance, Vakoo rehearses multiple ways to introduce herself.

Cue “Hi…My Name Is Vakoo” on repeat, each time said more sultry and sexier then the last.

Vakoo joins Abbie, Helena, Sogand, Kristen, Chelsie and an unnamed bride as the latest woman vying for Matt’s heart.


The Bachelor Australia Premieres Wednesday, 31 July at 7:30pm on 10