The Bachelor gets a helping hand from Royalty

The Bachelor gets a helping hand from Royalty

As the bachelorette numbers in the mansion dwindle even further, Matt called in reinforcements to help with his decision-making process on tonight’s The Bachelor Australia.

The remaining ladies were surprised by a gift-wrapped box sitting on the coffee table in the lounge room. Unwrapping the present, it was revealed the women would be holding a baby shower but for who?

Back at the Bach Pad, all was revealed as former The Bachelor Australia success stories Sam and Snezana “Snez” Wood, and Laura Byrne and Matty Johnson (Matty J) dropped by to help Matt navigate his own love story.

After a brief catch up, Laura and Snez were tasked with heading to the mansion to choose one bachelorette to come back to the Bach Pad for dinner, leaving Matt to pick the brains of Bachelor’s before him, Sam and Matty J.

Osher introduced the two Bachelor alumni to the remaining bachelorettes. Revealing they would each have one on one time with Laura and Snez, the ladies were anxious to be invited to dinner.

Speaking with each woman, Laura and Snez got a feel for who they thought was there for the right reasons and who needed a bit more time with Matt. In the end, Helena was invited to dine with the two other couples.

Preparing for dinner, Sam and Matty J asked the tough questions of Matt to find out where his head was at.  With the hardest part of the process for Matt being letting the women go at the end of each rose ceremony, Sam said: “If you forget why you’re here and you let not wanting to hurt someone’s feelings push you in a direction that’s not really where you want to go, I don’t think you’re doing the girls any favours.”

At the dinner table, Matt was surprised the ladies had picked Helena to join them. Revealing the reasons behind their decision, Laura felt that Helena hadn’t given them the answers that they wanted to hear, and that she needed more time to get to know Matt.

Unconvinced Helena was ready to settle down, Matty J grilled the 25-year-old to ensure she was really being honest with the group. Helena tried to open up, but Matt still felt he needed to peel back more layers.

It was then Emma who Matt invited on a second single date. Arriving at a kitchen it was revealed they would be cooking with chocolate.

Loaded with aphrodisiacs and innuendos, the pair got up close and messy, playing with their food. Once they’d completed the task of making their own chocolates, they got to sit down to taste the spoils of all their hard work.

Emma wore her heart on her sleeve and opened up to Matt about how she saw him as part of her future. With kids a high priority for them both, Emma referenced her catch up with Laura and Snez and how she wanted what they have.  Matt appreciated Emma being so honest with her feelings and awarded her honesty with a red rose and a kiss.

In a cocktail party curveball, Osher arrived bearing two date cards that were to be used at that night’s party, guaranteeing two bachelorettes alone time with Matt. The stakes were raised even higher when it was revealed Matt would offer a rose to one of the ladies he spent time with.

Sogand quickly snatched one of the date cards for herself, leaving the other one up for grabs. Seeing Abbie coming to collect the remaining card, Elly grabbed it stating she had a lot on her mind that she needed to tell Matt.

Unhappy with the situation, Abbie convinced Elly to give the date card to her instead. Regret was instant with the other ladies weighing in that Abbie definitely didn’t need more time with Matt.

During Sogand’s time with Matt, she laid bare how she felt after their first date. Disappointed he hadn’t known this information sooner, Matt was left unsure if their connection was still strong and Sogand left their time without a rose.

Returning from their alone time, Elly was shocked to discover Abbie and Matt didn’t discuss anything deep during their time together, and that the cheeseboard was the hot topic of conversation, with Abbie being awarded the rose.

At the rose ceremony, with Abbie, Emma and Helena all holding roses, it was Sogand who was sent home.