The Bachelor finds his top 4

The Bachelor finds his top 4

Yet another Bachelor episode ends with another heartbreaking elimination.

The quest for The Bachelor Blake Garvey’s heart came to an end  for pharmacist, Zoe, 25, after the pair failed to form a deep connection. Blake cancelled the scheduled cocktail party to focus on his difficult choice, eventually deciding it was Zoe’s time to leave.

With hometown visits just around the corner, Blake wanted to be sure each Bachelorette was ready to introduce him to their families. While receiving open responses from most of the girls, Zoe’s inability to let her guard down eventually sealed her fate.

During tonight’s group date, Zoe told Blake: “I’m scared of opening up because I’m scared of being rejected, and it not being reciprocated. I’m still very conscious that there are still four other girls here.”

In contrast Jessica and Louise didn’t hold back expressing their intimate feelings for Blake. Jessica said: “The moment I see you my heart starts racing. Every time I’m near you I get a little bit nervous. I want to be around you. You make me feel Iike I can be myself.”

Louise also confessed: “When I’m with you nothing else exists. No one else comes into my mind. I’m really excited about where this could go. It just feels right to me, it feels real and amazing.”

As Zoe departed The Bachelor mansion for the final time, she said: “I’ve come a long way. At the start I couldn’t talk about my feelings at all or even really acknowledge them. So at least I’m proud of myself that I’ve come this far and can open up now.”

Next week, Blake travels across the country to meet the families of the four remaining ladies: Jessica (NSW), Sam (Victoria), Lisa (Queensland) and Louise (Queensland).

The Bachelor Australia airs Wednesday and Thursdays at 7.30pm. on Ten