The Bachelor Final 5 announced

The Bachelor Final 5 announced

Last night, The Bachelor and his final six got creative.

As the ladies discussed Sam’s extraordinary decision at the previous night’s rose ceremony to not send anyone home, Osher delivered a cryptic date card inviting Sarah, Nina, Rachel, Snezana, Lana and Heather out for the day.

Arriving at an art gallery in Sydney, Osher welcomed the curious Bachelorettes to the grand opening of The Bachelor Australia Pop-Up Art Exhibition.

Their task for the day was to show off their art skills through clay modelling and drawing with a semi-naked Sam as their muse. The best canvas, as judged by Sam, would win some coveted alone time.

It was Snezana’s depiction of Sam’s bare chest and abs that won her a French Renaissance themed mini-date. As the seriousness of the situation hit him, Sam asked Snezana if she would consider a move to Melbourne with her daughter, Eve. While she has always lived in Perth, she didn’t rule out a move across the country for love.

On tonight’s single date, Sarah made the most of her second chance when Sam took her on a classical date, complete with wine, cheese, a private opera singer and a view of the Sydney Harbour. The bashful couple discussed life and love, and both admitted to seeing a future together in their hometown of Melbourne.

Sarah was blown away by the romantic day and Sam topped it off with a big bunch of her favourite flowers. Upon closer inspection of the bouquet, she found a red rose hiding within the pink blooms.

Back at the mansion, Sarah received a welcome reception from the girls despite the rose in her hand. Lana was surprised at the girls’ reaction, following the cold greeting she received a day earlier.

As the cocktail party kicked into gear, Sam stole a private moment with Rachel to explore his feelings ahead of the imminent rose ceremony. While Rachel expressed a need to know more about Sam’s qualities and desires, he began to question if she was the right girl for him. Content with their chat, Rachel was happy and sure of herself as the Bachelorettes entered the room. Unbeknown to her, Sam was not on the same page. With just five roses remaining, Sam made the decision to send Rachel home and continue his journey to find love with Heather, Sarah, Nina, Lana and Snezana.

Rachel, 29, a food blogger from Brisbane, said: “I feel like he should have probably put a little bit more effort in. I’m a little confused as to why I have to make the effort all the time. “I have never had to make an effort in my life, so that was kind of enough for me and it was kind of his turn. He’s the man. So if you’re not going to, then yeah, let’s get up and leave.