The Bachelor Brooke Unlocks Time At The Bachelor Pad.

Nick Cummins set pulses racing on the third episode of  The Bachelor Australia.

Osher led the Bachelorettes into a tailspin when he arrived at the Bachelor mansion with a date card in hand. With each lady anxious to receive some coveted one-onone time with Nick, a cryptic clue on the date card left Cass believing she was the lucky lady.

After being told Nick and his date had “crossed paths” before, Cass was deflated when she learnt Nick had arranged a date with New South Wales-based radiographer Brittany. Brittany and Nick were born in the same hospital and set out for an action-packed date on the golf course to discover what else they have in common.

In a game of foot golf, Nick was impressed by Brittany’s cheeky and competitive side, and Britt was drawn to Nick’s humour.

Later, Brittany joined Nick for a candlelit night cap, a late night swim and some intimate conversation. Nick learnt that they both had more in common that their place of birth, and that they both shared similar values. To top off a perfect date, Nick presented her with a rose and they shared a passionate kiss.

Back at the mansion, the ladies were waiting for Brittany to arrive home from her date. Not one to kiss and tell, she tried to keep the details of her night with Nick private, but that did not stop a heartbroken Cass from speculating there was a romantic end to the date.

The group date saw the Bachelorettes put through a series of challenges, with the winner securing some one-on-one time with the Honey Badger.

From a grip test, to waltzing the plank, to trivia, the competition grew fierce, especially between Vanessa Sunshine and Cat. Vanessa Sunshine was the last Bachelorette standing and nabbed herself a date with Nick.

The alone time between the pair proved to be lacklustre, with many awkward moments and no rose handed out.

Sensing that her connection with Nick was starting to fizzle, West Australian youth worker Brooke cashed in her Bachelor Pad key. A nervous Brooke arrived at Nick’s Bachelor Pad and greeted him with breakfast in bed. She was given the grand tour of the badger’s den before the two got to know each other better.

Nick and Brooke laced up and shared their passion for football with a game of kick around. With undeniable chemistry bubbling under the surface, Brooke and Nick shared a romantic kiss.

Nick arrived at the cocktail party with a smitten Brooke and her rose in hand.

Having spent little time with Nick so far, Cass became fearful that her strong feelings for him were making her too nervous to clearly explain how she feels. Determined to let Nick know her true feelings, a shaky Cass read Nick a letter she had penned, explaining her feelings.

Things got spicy when Shannon and Blair challenged Cat, Romy and Alisha, calling out the trio’s face-pulling and pot stirring. With Cat enraged by Shannon calling her in-genuine, Shannon decided that removing herself from the conversation was the best course of action.

At a tense rose ceremony, Kayla, Christina and Cayla did not receive a rose.  Before energy healer Cayla said her final goodbye, she asked to speak with Nick in private. Cayla took the chance to tell Nick there were girls in the mansion who were blindsiding him, mentioning Cat and Romy in particular. Nick told her he appreciated her sharing this information and wished her the best.