The Bachelor brakes all the rules

The  Bachelor brakes all the rules

Last night The Bachelor was all kinds of awkward.

In a world-first  Sam  broke all the rules and asked the ladies to decide who would go on the next single date and have their chance to impress him.

For the first time in the history of The Bachelor worldwide, the shocked Bachelorettes cast their votes and sent Victorian fertility nurse Madeleine, 26, on the date.

For the second single date of the year, Sam chose a quaint The Notebook-style row boat down the river to a stunning champagne picnic and, just like in the movie, the heavens opened. While Madeleine fretted over her appearance in the rain, Sam began to wonder if she was the right girl for him.

Meanwhile, back at the mansion, West Australian sales rep Snezana, 34, received an invitation for a magical date in the clouds.

The following morning she was treated to a perfect date soaring above the hills in a hot air balloon. As Snezana opened up to Sam at a champagne picnic, he went in for a passionate kiss and then kept his date waiting while he fetched her a rose.

Later on, tensions reached boiling point at the cocktail party as the girls fought for some alone time with Sam ahead of the evening’s rose ceremony.

Disappointed that her date didn’t result in a rose, Madeleine was nervous and insecure as the bachelorettes entered the room.

With 14 girls remaining and just 13 roses, Sam made the tough decision to send Madeleine home.

Madeleine said: “Of course it’s disappointing. Love, for me, is someone who I have an amazing chemistry with and there’s not going to be that kind of spark with every girl in the house. “If he likes me it’s important that he likes me for who I really am.”



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