The Bachelor Begins with a few surprises

The Bachelor Begins with a few surprises

It was one of the best Bachelor premieres as the loveable Richie began his journey.

As 22 of Australia’s most beautiful and engaging Bachelorettes arrived at the brand new Bachelor mansion, West Australian Richie was showered with gifts that included a high heel and even a bouquet of bacon roses, as each woman strived to make their best first impression. Which included singing a song that is now stuck in my head.

At a dazzling cocktail party, Richie got to know all the Bachelorettes a little better through one-on-one conversations. But host Osher Günsberg sent the ladies into a frenzy with his revelation of the white rose: whichever Bachelorette made the best first impression would be entitled to a secret hideaway for uninterrupted one-on-one time with Richie.

As the party got underway, it was West Australian girls Tiffany and Megan who earned the first red roses.

For the athletic Tiffany, it was a silly and spontaneous planking competition that sealed the deal. The training administrator admitted: “Richie is definitely someone I could see myself having a future with.”

Health promotions officer Megan impressed Richie by relaxing in bare feet under her sequin gown. The bohemian beauty said: “I feel excited, like this could be something really special.”

Single mother Alex from Victoria made the best first impression, after telling Richie in conversation that she had a son back at home. Richie was impressed and gave the bubbly venue manager the white rose.

The first rose ceremony of the season got underway but proceedings were dramatically interrupted when Queensland massage therapist Vintaea approached Richie to say goodbye, explaining: “I realise that this just isn’t for me. I think you’re great and you’re going to find someone awesome.”

Richie then said goodbye to two more Bachelorettes. Victorian development manager Aimee wished him the best, saying: “I genuinely hope Richie finds the person he is looking for and I hope she exists within that group of girls.”

Communications officer Natalie from West Australia was the next to say goodbye. “I felt like Richie and I had a lot in common,” she said. “I wouldn’t have done anything differently. I don’t know what more you can do in the little time you have.”

The Bachelor Australia continues tonight when Richie takes one lucky Bachelorette on the first single date of the season