The Bachelor begins the dating game

Last night The Bachelor got down to business.

In the first single date of the season, Richie surprised 28-year-old West Australian Nikki with a day of romance. The pair enjoyed a helicopter ride to a private beach before popping champagne in a rowboat and having a playful swim in the ocean.

Nikki revealed to Richie that while she had previously been in a 12-year relationship, she had never before been on a proper date. Richie presented the bubbly real estate agent with a rose before the two shared the first romantic kiss of the season.

Back at the mansion, Alex, Eliza, Faith, Georgia, Keira, Kiki, Laura, Mia, Sasha and Tolyna prepared to be transported back in time for the first group date: a 1950s-themed photo shoot with Australia’s most eligible Bachelor.

Kiki, Sasha and Alex were naturals in front of the camera, but Faith was well out of her comfort zone. But her sense of humour and willingness to have fun made an impression on Richie.

Some Bachelorettes took more of Richie’s time than others, leaving Keira feeling jealous and Laura, Mia and Georgia concerned about their lack of time with Richie.

The next day, Richie surprised Olena from New South Wales with a single date. Hopping on the back of a motorbike, the pair zipped off for a romantic picnic and the 24-year-old make-up artist took the alone time as an opportunity to hit Richie with some hard questions.

Later, Richie took Olena to his Bachelor pad, where he surprised her with a beautiful dress for that night’s cocktail party and presented her with a rose.

At the cocktail party, Alex took the opportunity to use her white rose, which led to a confrontation with Keira who questioned Alex on her morals given she had already time with Richie on the group date

In the second ceremony of the season, 24-year-old former athlete Mia and 24-year-old project manager Laura did not receive roses.

Mia from New South Wales said: “Richie is a really nice guy and I think that one of the girls here will be happy with him.”

Victorian Bachelorette Laura was philosophical about her departure, saying: “Love is definitely worth taking a risk. It’s just got to be with the right person. I hope he finds what he is looking for.”