The Bachelor begins his journey to love

The Bachelor begins his journey to love

Tonight, the red carpet was rolled out (this time by a budding Bachelorette), bottles were popped, and Astrophysicist Matt Agnew met 20 of this seasons leading ladies as he began his quest for love.

First to put her best foot forward was 25-year-old wellness coach Helena. After a brief exchange on what they’re both looking for, Matt spotted an accent, asking Helena to speak in French. What exactly was said, who knows, but we hope it was PG?

Next up was 28-year-old chemical engineer Chelsie. Chelsie offered up Matt a temporary tattoo with the chemical structure of oxytocin, aka the love chemical. Cue an unbuttoned shirt and nipple flash from Bachie and everyone’s a winner really.

Also hoping for chemistry on their first meeting was 23-year-old property analysist Abbie. After a misunderstanding that led to a cute exchange of star signs, Matt was left speechless just in time for the next limo to arrive.

Kristen, the 24-year-old self-confessed “China girl”, was the next to arrive with a present for Matt. After a cute exchange in Mandarin, Kristen unveiled a giant gold fortune cookie.

Rolling in on a motorcycle was 25-year-old tomboy Nichole. Self-assured, confident and a just a wee-bit forward, Nichole wasted no time in sizing up Matt and telling him exactly what she was looking for.

23-year-old model Vakoo was up next and she was determined to test Matt’s moves on the catwalk. Verdict? The man can smize and the whole of Australia, including Vakoo, were smitten.

Originally hailing from Ireland, 32-year-old fashion brand manager and hopeless romantic Emma revealed she’s dreamt of her wedding day since she was a little girl.

After uttering words in her native tongue, 30-year-old Persian civil engineer Sogand’s plan for Matt to find her at the cocktail played out perfectly.

Next up was Elly, a 24-year-old nurse from the country. Wanting to give Matt a little taste of what she’s all about, Elly orchestrated a mini camping trip, complete with marshmallows and a campfire. Declaring she’s an absolute sweetheart, Matt left the meeting smitten.

23-year-old dressed up bride Racheal was the next out of the limo, with her best friend and bridesmaid in tow. Dressed to impressed in her wedding inspired frock and vail, Matt was more intrigued to see if her friend was partaking in the show. Awkward.

A mere moment into the cocktail party kicking off, the host with the best hair in the business, Osher Günsberg arrived to give the girls the lowdown on The Golden Ticket. The girl to make the best first impression would accompany Matt on a special single date to his hometown of Melbourne.

Arriving to focus on the task at hand, Matt wasted no time in whisking Emma away for the first chat of the evening, before pulling Sogand aside to find out what he asked her in Persian.

Helena impressed Matt with her globetrotting adventure stories before Hannah joined the couch and made for an awkward three-way conversation.

Vakoo set up a red carpet on the grass for Matt to do a strut but was interrupted by Nichole who whisked our Bachelor away for a one-on-one.

Throwing questions at Matt, Nichole was confident that her time had made an impression, while Kristen was happy to talk about China to anyone who would listen.

Elly finally got her time with Matt, where he revealed that he liked to bake. Wanting him to know she was there for the right reasons, Elly expressed how much she wanted to give everything a “good hot crack”.

After much speculation as to who would receive The Golden Ticket, Matt made a beeline for Elly. Left speechless, she couldn’t believe Matt chose her and was excited about what was to come.

At the rose ceremony, with only 17 roses to give out, Matt said goodbye to Sophie and Keely.



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