The annual Country Ball ends in heartbreak 

The annual Country Ball ends in heartbreak 

Tonight on Farmer Wants A Wife, the excited farmers and their ladies enjoyed a night of music and dancing at the annual Country Ball, headlined by Aussie singer-songwriter Brittany Maggs.

The farmers caught up about their first few weeks with ladies, with Farmer Joe confessing mum’s choice Susie was a front-runner for him: “It was straight away just great chemistry and good match. We just have a real same sense of humour, and yeah, real instant, sort of thing.” 

Before the evening kicked off, host Sam Armytage announced: “Dean and his ladies won’t be joining us here tonight because Dean and Teegan are madly in love and they have begun their exciting journey together as a very happy couple,” hoping this news sparked confidence in rest of the farmers and ladies. 

With solo dates on the cards after the ball, the ladies put their best foot forward to try and catch their farmer’s eye. But Susie had something that she needed to get off her chest. 

“The farm work is not super enjoyable. I am really struggling, thinking about how that would affect me and my happiness long term,” she told Joe as she decided to leave.

Blindsided by Susie’s decision, a heartbroken Joe doubted the rest of his ladies: “Unfortunately, for the other ladies at the farm, Susie leaving made me question everything. The farm’s my future and it’s sort of an extension of me. So, to love me is to love the farm. I just truly hope that everyone here is being truthful with me.”

At the end of the ball, each farmer chose one lady for their next solo date:

Farmer Bert: Karli

Farmer Dustin: Izzy

Farmer Joe: Calya 

Farmer Tom: Sarah A


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