The Amazing Race Shock Exit

The Amazing Race Shock Exit

4 became 3 as the Amazing Race heads to the finale.

In the  penultimate episode, our final four teams made their way to Thailand. But before they took off, they were faced with having to U-Turn another team, forcing them to complete both Detour challenges.

Upon landing in Bangkok, teams had to make their way out to Khlong Toei Market where they were told they were in for a treat. But before they could get too eggcited, they discovered they had to eat not one, but three century eggs… each! If you don’t know what a century egg is, we advise you to Google on an empty stomach.

In what was by far the most disgusting eating challenge so far, each team scrambled to keep down the terri-frying delicacy.

Next, it was time to Detour. Teams could choose between memorising 12 riverside landmarks as they floated down Chao Phraya River and correctly place them on a map. Or, they could put their mechanic skills to use, and rebuild and pimp out one of Bangkok’s most iconic modes of transport, the Tuk Tuk.

After successfully completing the water Detour, Footy Mates Tom and Tyler discovered their alliances had turned against them and unanimously voted for them to be U-turned. As they made their way to the Tuk Tuks, they were feeling more salty than the century eggs they had consumed earlier.

For Newlyweds Tim and Rod, who admitted they had “never felt straighter” in the garage, they pimped out their ride with flying colours and were onto the Roadblock.

Tonight’s Roadblock certainly had a bite to it. Teams were sent to a community centre where they had to fit dentures to three Bangkok locals. Tooth be told, it was really more of a game of tooth Tetris with some having more teeth than others.

From there, each team had to gold leaf a statue of Ganesh before making their way to meet Beau at the Pitstop.

Hell hath no fury like a U-turned team scorned. Tom and Tyler had managed to power through all the challenges and land themselves in third place, ahead of Deadly Duo Jasmin and Jerome.

It was neck-and-neck between Tom and Tyler and Jasmin and Jerome who finished their statues at the same time and raced off to find the Pit Stop. It was anyone’s game at this point however, it was Tom and Tyler who came off second best and were the last team to arrive. They were therefore eliminated from The Amazing Race Australia.

With only three teams remaining, the stakes have never been higher for our racers as they get ready to battle it out in an epic finale.

Which team has what it takes to make it to first place, walk away with a life changing $250,000 and receive the ultimate hug by host, Beau Ryan?