The Amazing Race saves a team

The Amazing Race saves a team

Western Sydney’s Mother-Daughter duo Rowah and Amani have been saved by a non-elimination leg on tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race Australia.

Although they were the last team to check in at Hang Mua, Vietnam, the team were elated when host Beau Ryan, let them know they were safe to race another day.

After ending the last leg of the Race in South Korea, the 9 teams travelled to vibrant Vietnam. At the Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre, teams needed to search for hidden clues in the puppet show to find their next location.

What they lack in height, Viv and Joey made up for in confidence. With a Vietnamese heritage and solid grasp of the local language, the Mighty Siblings were the first to pick up four Vietnamese words written on the water puppets necks.

Once they had deciphered their clue, teams needed to travel by bus to Ninh Binh where they were presented with a Detour. Rowah and Amani, and Nurses Femi and Nick missed the words during their first viewing of the show which saw them fall to the back of the pack.

For their first Detour, teams chose between hunting for 100 escargots, or rowing a boat the traditional Vietnamese way – using your feet. This Detour also presented the first U-Turn of the Race. A U-Turn gives one team the power to slow another team down, forcing them to complete both Detour challenges.

Deadly Duo, Jasmin and Jerome saw this as the perfect opportunity to exact their revenge against The Influencers, Sid and Ash, who fed them wrong information during a challenge in Seoul, South Korea. With a U-Turn hanging over their head, frustrations ran high as Sid and Ash hustled to complete both challenges.

After completing their Detour, teams tested their luck in the first eating challenge of the Race. For this Roadblock, one team member needed to eat their way through parcels of green sticky rice until they found a parcel containing an ancient coin.

Sisters Hayley and Mikayla were the first to arrive at the restaurant, with Mikayla trying to tap into some birthday blessings. Unfortunately, luck wasn’t on Mikayla’s side, as she witnessed Newlyweds Tom and Rod find a coin in their first parcel, leaving Mikayla to munch through 23 parcels before finding a coin.

After what seemed like an eternity spent eating rice, Amani and Femi were the last left in the restaurant. Amani struggled to eat her way to a coin, with mum, Rowah, painfully looking on from the sidelines. With both teams finally finding the coins within minutes of each other, it was a mad dash to the Pitstop.

Footy Mates Tom and Tyler were the first team to arrive at the sprawling grounds of Hang Mua, the third Pitstop of the Race. This was the third time the boys had taken out pole position, cementing them as a formidable force.

The Influencers arrived towards the front of the pack but decided to scale a completely different mountain in search of the Pitstop, proving that some people just shouldn’t follow their directional instincts.

Nurses Femi and Nick were the ninth team to check-in, narrowly avoiding last place for the second time, which in turn saw Rowah and Amani last to arrive on the mat.

Saved by a non-elimination leg, a relieved Rowah and Amani learnt their journey wasn’t over, and that they were still part of The Amazing Race Australia.