The Amazing Race loses a divine team

The Amazing Race loses a divine team

It was a big second leg on The Amazing Race Australia.

Starting this leg of the Race in Seoul, South Korea, 10 teams were tasked with counting the water spouts at the iconic Gwanghwamun Plaza in exchange for the next clue.


Proving that they’re not stereotypical jocks, Footy Mates Tom and Tyler were the first to successfully count the 364 waterspouts that fill the plaza. While the Newlyweds Tim and Rod, and Sisters Hayley and Mikayla whizzed through the math, Mighty Siblings Viv and Joey’s numbers were off, which saw them slip from second to fourth place.


They may be used to counting the ‘likes’ on their Instagram page, but Influencers Sid and Ash found the water spout numbers too hard to crunch.


After four attempts and multiple expletives, the pair were finally handed their clue, sending them to the DMZ at the border of North and South Korea, where they were to write a message of peace and love to receive their next clue.


Tom and Tyler were first to arrive and spent their lead paying their respect. Once they wrote their message, they were presented with a Detour: a choice between two tasks. The first challenge, ‘All Heart’, required teams to complete a military-like obstacle course, where ‘All Thumbs’ asked them to score a goal in a game of drone soccer.


Playing to their athletic strengths, Tom and Tyler jumped at the chance to do an obstacle course. With the commando shouting what we can only assume were words of encouragement, the boys smashed out a tyre run, rope climb and mud crawl in next to no time.


While Amani from the Mother And Daughter team and Alpaca Farmer Chris both struggled to complete the course, they persevered, living to race another day. The Influencers returned to their scheming ways, setting Nurses Nick and Femi back, instructing them to carry two tyres each, instead of one.


While most teams opted for ‘All Heart’, Viv and Joey thought their height might set them back, and Judy and Therese weren’t confident in their physical strength. Both teams opted for a game of drone soccer instead.


Once the detour was complete, teams needed to paddle down the Hantan River, meeting Beau at the Goseokjeong Pavilion. Viv and Joey, and Tom and Tyler were neck-and-neck, but the Footy Mates were able to out-paddle their opponents and were the first team to check in at the second Pitstop of The Amazing Race Australia.


With only minutes separating The Influencers and the Mother And Daughter team, it was a tight race to the finish. Ultimately, it was Nurses vs Nuns, with Nick and Femi outrunning the sisters and beating them to the Pitstop by mere seconds. This saw The Nuns Judy and Therese bow out as the second team eliminated from The Amazing Race Australia.