The Amazing Race heads to Zimbabwe

The Amazing Race heads to Zimbabwe
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Influencers Sid and Ash have been thrown a life raft after arriving last at a non-elimination leg on The Amazing Race Australia.

 Last night the  six remaining teams travelled to one of the seven wonders of the world – the breathtaking Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.

While Newlywed Tim was eager to visit the home of the “Zimbabwe Bobsled Team”, Footy Mates Tom and Tyler went from knuckleheads to sleepyheads, missing their alarms and slipping to sixth place.

After making the 15,000 km journey to Zimbabwe, teams crossed to nearby Zambia where they needed to brush up on their scrabble skills to receive their next clue. The Roadblock saw racers take to the skies and scout six letters, which would reveal a nearby village, scattered on the stunning terrain below.

Once at the Mukuni Village, teams paired up for the first Intersection of the Race which required them to master a traditional African instrument, the marimba, and play in harmony with the other team.

Influencers Sid and Ash didn’t miss a beat, letting Deadly Duo Jasmin and Jerome know they wanted to work together this leg. Cautious of The Influencer’s tendency to deceive, Jasmin and Jerome ditched them for Tom and Tyler – a move which left Sid seething.

Once teams had made sweet, sweet music together, they moved on to the Detour where they chose between ploughing the fields with an ox or making a traditional fence using thatch. Upon completing their Detour, teams travelled up the Zambezi River by boat to Livingston Island in search of their next clue.

At the seventh Pit Stop of the Race, the Elephant Café, the racers embarked on the powerwalk of their lives. To avoid a stampede, teams were only allowed to walk to the Pit Stop, which made for a Kath and Kim-esqe race to the mat.

Footy Mates Tom and Tyler were first to waddle their way across the finish line, only a trunk length away from Newlyweds Tim and Rod.

The Nurses, Deadly Duo and The Influencers, fought foot, tooth and tusk to avoid last place, with some even playing dirty. Sid and Ash were still as bitter as a Vietnamese coffee about Jasmin and Jerome’s disloyalty to the non-existent alliance. The tension hit boiling point when Sid swerved across the road, blocking Jerome from overtaking.

At the Pit Stop, Jasmin and Jerome were able to beat Sid and Ash on foot, leaving The Influencers in last place.

Although they were last on the mat, some Elephant luck rubbed off on Sid and Ash, who were saved by a non-elimination leg and lived to race another day.