The Amazing Race finds its final 4

The Amazing Race finds its final 4

After a rocky start that literally left them up a creek with no paddle, Nurses Femi and Nick were tonight eliminated from The Amazing Race Australia.

In tonight’s episode, our five remaining teams continued to race through the warm heart of Africa, otherwise known as Malawi.

The tenth leg of the Race began in Leopard Bay where teams were thrown into the deep end, having to paddle a dugout canoe one kilometre down the beach and against the wind to reach their next clue. This was not the time to get cold feet.

Nick was the first to capsize his canoe – which we should point out, is a hollowed-out tree trunk that weighs an absolute tonne. Given Femi and Nick’s unique talent of getting lost, it was no surprise that Nick lost his paddle, making it impossible for him to get anywhere.

Siblings Viv and Joey were met with a Speedbump after coming last in the previous non-elimination leg of the Race. This saw their canoes filled with water when they arrived and were then forced to empty them before they could begin the challenge.

The ore-deal continued as Newlyweds Tim and Rod both capsized and Deadly Duo Jasmin and Jerome struggled to make waves down the length of the beach.

Up next, the teams were faced with their Detour challenge. They could choose the dirty path and hand wash 30 items of clothing, or the smelly path where they had to carry a bucket of fish to a drying table and sort into different species. What’s the catch? They had to work out exactly how many different species of fish they were dealing with.

It didn’t take long for Footy Mates Tom and Tyler to mullet over, choosing to sort the fish. All remaining teams chose the dirty path, except for Viv and Joey who decided it was time that they scale back the physical challenges.

Once the teams completed their Detour, it was off to Lizulu Market where their Roadblock was waiting for them. One member of each team had to make two pairs of sandals out of different materials, including old tyre parts.

After successfully completing the Roadblocks, teams were then sent to ‘Harry’s Bar’ where they had to learn and perform a Malawian song. But first, they had to complete a quiz about their fellow competitors on the Race. However, every question they got wrong, was a minute penalty they had to endure at the Pit Stop before they could check in.

After some truly breathtaking performances at Harry’s Bar, it was a race to find Beau at the Pit Stop. Viv and Joey were first to arrive, but got 13 questions wrong in the quiz so were overtaken by Tom and Tyler and Jasmin and Jerome.

Tim and Rod were next to arrive and even after being given a nine minute penalty before checking in, it wasn’t long enough for Femi and Nick to gain the lead they so desperately needed and were eliminated from The Amazing Race Australia.