The Amazing Race finds its final 3

The Amazing Race finds its final 3

Four teams became three as the Race heads towards finale.

Arriving in Broken Hill, teams raced around the streets solving cryptic clues to collect different chemical compounds, before finding a mad scientist to create their final concoction. 

With Anurag being a chemical engineer, The Super Sikhs had the challenge in the bag, heading off to the Detour in record time. Using grit from a mine, teams needed to fill a metal drum to balance the weight of their teammate on a seesaw. 

Arriving at the Detour after getting lost, The Super Sikhs were surprised to see The Gold Coast Girls Ashleigh and Amanda, already there and nearly done with filling their drum.  

Balancing Ashleigh’s weight first, The Gold Coast Girls were in the lead once more. Chris and Aleisha arrived, as did The Cowboys, and with both teams succeeding in the balancing act in record time, The Super Sikhs were back to last place.

Teams where then tasked with a Road Block that involved counting bicycle wheels. The Gold Coast Girls again guessed correctly first, with The Cowboys right behind and headed to their final challenge. 

At The Silverton Hotel the resident Drag Queen had a ‘shoey’ laying in wait. Drinking a mix of everything the pub had to offer, teams had to down two ‘shooies’, to get their next clue.

Ashleigh and Amanda were off and running, nailing their first attempt. Spotting The Super Sikhs still struggling at the bikes, The Gold Coast Girls told them the total count, much to the annoyance of The Geek and the Princess.

The Gold Coast Girls landed on the mat first, taking out yet another win, closely followed by The Cowboys and then The Super Sikhs, leaving The Geek and The Princess out in the cold, and out of the Race.