The Amazing Race Australia releases first promo

The Amazing Race Australia releases first promo

Lace up your sneakers and fasten your backpack. It’s not long until The Amazing Race Australia settles into its new home on 10.

Host Beau Ryan’s been doing his research and is ready to guide 22 Aussies across the globe. Grappling different cultures and working through language barriers are only half the battle when 11 teams take part in the adventure of a lifetime.

There will be no time to waste at baggage claim nor any champagne to be sipped in the lounge. Instead, the teams will charge full-speed through challenges and work their way through Roadblocks, Fast-Forwards, Detours and U-Turns.

In a race where every second counts, the first team to cross the finish line will take out a whopping $250,000 cash prize.

So pack a bag, grab yourself a neck roll and get ready for a whole lotta passport stamps.


The Amazing Race Australia  is Coming Soon To 10