The Amazing Race Australia is off and racing

The Amazing Race Australia is off and racing

The all new season of The Amazing Race Australia was off and racing tonight, and with no “Hey Siri” to help out, our teams used everything in their arsenal to ensure they weren’t last on the mat.

Starting in Far North Queensland’s Daintree, 14 teams kicked off the world’s most epic adventure Down Under!

From Power Couple, Holly and Dolor, who were guaranteed to disagree in the Daintree, to “middle aged, overweight, mums” (they said it, not us) Shannon and Jude, to Besties Sefa and Jessica, who deserve their own spin off reality show, this Race is not only going to be challenging, but full of LOL’s too.

After a little pre-race chin wag with our lovable larrikin host Beau Ryan, the teams made their way from the beach to Mosman, a sugar cane community, for their first challenge. Dressed in old pilot uniforms, the teams were harnessed to a huge aerial rig to drop “bombs” into a target below.

The Besties Sefa and Jessica finished first, but it was The Siblings, Skye-Blue and Jake, who were the real MVP’s. Skye-Blue was born without a left hand, but managed to sink giant balls into hoops while swinging from a giant pendulum, like she’d been doing it all her life.

The Daughter and Dad team, Jobelle and Rani, could have really benefited from Google maps, but alas, not allowed. Last to arrive after getting lost, like really, really lost, they were unable to complete the challenge, which meant a time penalty was waiting for them once they reached the mat.

At the Mosman Exchange Hotel, teams chose between two tasks, in the first Detour of the season: delivering a tray of beers each without spilling it, or peeling a bucket of prawns – can you get any more Aussie than that?  

With the Detour task complete, the teams headed to their next challenge at the Mosman Sugar Mill, where they needed to find a small set of tongs hidden in a huge pile of sugar cane, then pluck a cube of sugar out of a larger-than-life sugar mound.

Fun Fact: The Twins Models aren’t just really good looking, but also really good at looking for a pair of tiny tongs, and were able to locate them in a matter of seconds.

The last challenge was as mad as a box of frogs, with teams tasked to collect 20 cane toads and put the slippery little suckers in a box.

The Super Sikhs complete the toad task and race to find Beau who tells them they are the first team to arrive at the Pit Stop. Despite the squealing, The Twin Models come a close second, followed by The Geek and the Princess, Chris and Aleisha.

The Dad and Daughter team, Jobelle and Rani arrived to the Pit Stop eleventh, but after having to endure an agonising 30 minute time penalty, they were the second last team to check in.

Sadly, it was The Kimberley Cousins Dwes and Katherine, who arrived last and were first to be eliminated from The Amazing Race Australia.