Thank God You’re Here heads to Wednesdays in August

Thank God You’re Here heads to Wednesdays in August

Almost 14 years since the last episode aired, the famous blue door is set to open again when Thank God You’re Here returns to 10 in August.

There’s a new door, new guests, new sticky situations, and a new host: Celia Pacquola, the iconic actor, writer and stand-up comic.

Each week, Australia’s funniest and most fearless comedians will walk through the blue door with no idea what awaits them on the other side.

Once they hear the words “Thank God You’re Here!” the countdown is on to bluff and bullsh#t their way through the most outrageous scenarios imaginable.

As well as featuring a new host and a fresh crop of comedic talent, this season will also welcome surprise comedy legend judges to gently critique each week’s performances.

Step through the blue door, into the world of the unknown.

Thank God You’re Here. Premieres Wednesday, August 2 At 7:30pm On 10.


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