Tessa looks set to steal The Bachelor

Tessa looks set to steal The Bachelor

Another day another Bachelor sneak peek and I think we may have found a winner.

The Bachelor S3 Tessa

Victorian Account Manager Tessa employs an inimitable strategy at the inaugural cocktail party, a strategy that leaves the other Bachelorettes shocked and bewildered.

A big personality who is confident in who she is, Tessa feels that there is something not authentic about her experience at the cocktail party and is determined to rectify it.

On why she applied for The Bachelor Australia, Tessa said: “I am really happy and I would like to meet someone. I have nothing to lose, so it was really a case of ‘Why not?’. And I clearly have not been very successful trying to date on my own.”


Can you guess what Tessa does in order to win over Sam?

The Bachelor returns to Ten soon.