Ten’s Summer Schedule

Ten’s summer schedule isn’t much different then normal.

New episodes of US favorites  Scorpion, NCIS: New Orleans, The Good Wife and Madam Secretary make up most of the new programming on offer.

Sun Nov 30
6:30pm Scorpion New episode
7:30pm Modern Family Double episode rpt
8:30pm NCIS: New Orleans New episode
9:30pm The Graham Norton Show New episode

Monday Dec 1
7:30pm Modern Family Double episode
8:30pm Law & Order: SVU
10:30pm Blue Bloods

Tuesday Dec 2
7:30pm Recipe To Riches New episode
8:30pm NCIS
9:30pm NCIS: Los Angeles

Wednesday Dec 3
7:30pm The Millers Double episode
8:30pm The Good Wife Double episode

Thursday Dec 4
7:30pm Jamie Cooks Summer
8:30pm Madam Secretary New episode
9:30pm Law & Order: SVU

Friday Dec 5
7:30pm The Living Room’s Hot List
8:30pm Friday Night Movie Tomorrow When The War Began

Saturday Dec 6
6:00pm Miguel’s Feast Series premiere
6:30pm Bondi Vet
7:30pm Movie Gulliver’s Travels
9:15pm Movie: X Men Origins

Homeland has the week off due to no episode  screening in the US