TenPlay nears two million downloads

TenPlay nears two million downloads

In less then 18 months Ten’s catch up service app Ten Play has 1.9 million downloads and counting.

Since its launch in late September 2013, tenplay has proved particularly popular with mobile and tablet users, who have downloaded the app 1.7 million times across Android, iOS and Windows devices. The total rises to almost 1.9 million when installations on smart TVs and the Microsoft Xbox 360 and Xbox One platforms are included. tenplay is also available through FreeviewPlus, Apple TV and Fetch TV.

Network Ten Chief Digital Officer, Rebekah Horne, said: “tenplay has quickly become a go-to entertainment choice for many Australians and has easily beaten the forecasts we set before its launch. “It is now one of the most popular online and mobile entertainment platforms in Australia. It has been key to the success of Network Ten’s ‘TV Everywhere’ strategy, which brings our unique content to people anywhere, any time and on any device.” “Streaming on mobile and tablets now accounts for 50% of our streams and we look forward to more growth in 2015,” she said. Ms Horne said the growing appeal of tenplay was reflected in the success of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! this month. “I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! has delivered on tenplay in terms of page views, unique visitors and video views. Exclusive content such The Fall Out Zone, which features one hour of live-streaming from the celebrity camp straight after each show, is generating real audience engagement,” she said.

“Separate to tenplay, I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! is a smash hit on social media, dominating conversations and recording more than 4.6 million Twitter impressions since it started on February 1.”

tenplay gives users access to Ten, Eleven and One shows on-demand, straight after they have appeared on television, as well as real-time viewing, with live streaming of news and sporting events. tenplay also allows viewers to create personalised playlists, lining up their television picks to watch whenever they want; pin favourite shows and genres to their phone dashboard for easy access; set up alerts and reminders for their favourite shows; and access a complete television guide with full listings.

To download the app head to tenplay.com.au/apps.