Ten shifts The Biggest Loser finale Adds Jamie Oliver

Ten has moved The Biggest Loser Finale and replaced  it with new  Jamie Oliver.

The finale was scheduled to screen over two nights Tuesday April 8th and Wednesday April 9th but has been pulled most proberly because of The Block finale airing on that date. A new series of Jamie & Jimmy’s Food Fight Club takes over the  Tuesday and Wednesday night slots

7:30pm Tuesday
“Usain Bolt”
Jamie reveals how to cook the ultimate steak, Jimmy produces succulent tandoori chicken and celebrity chef Usain Bolt cooks up the dish that’s the secret to his success: his Aunt’s Jamaican Jerk pork.

7:30pm Wednesday

“Sienna Miller”

On the café’s menu tonight: Celebrity chef Sienna Miller cooks a rich Tuscan duck ragout with pici pasta and Jamie goes for the wow factor with his whole sea bass baked in salt.

The Biggest Loser Finale will  screen it’s 2 hour finale  6:30 pm Sunday April 13.