Ten Returns Law and Order SVU and NCIS LA

Ten will return two US favorites from next week.

Law & Order: SVU is  back in the schedule now screening on Monday nights.

It resumes with episode 7 of season 19 Something Happened.” which aired in the US in November

A rape victim who cannot remember the details of her own sexual assault visits the SVU, distraught and desperate to remember exactly what happened. In order to help the victim remember, Benson finally decides to disclose a long- kept secret from her past in hope that justice will be served.

Unexpectedly, Benson’s revelation sees a shocking twist in the case as a a secret long kept from both the victim and her sister comes to light.

9 pm Monday on Ten.

For fans of NCIS LA it’s back the following night with season 9 episode 10 Forasteira. It aired in the US in December.

When several former Marines are found dead at a bar, it is discovered they were working for a criminal gang known as MS-13.
First thought to be a gang related hit, the NCIS team discover a different story when their investigation leads them to a Brazilian diplomat, who believes that his life is in danger.

The team discover that the person behind their investigation is a highly skilled assassin whose motives shock the NCIS.

9:30 PM Tuesday on Ten