Ten releases the first six minutes of Survivor

Ten has a gift for Survivor fans the first six minutes have been released.

Kicking off in just six days, Australian Survivor will see 24 fit and formidable Aussies marooned on the stunning and rugged tropical island of Samoa with nothing but the clothes on their back and the drive to be the sole survivor.

A firefighter, an ex-professional cricketer, a criminal lawyer, a firefighter and a high school teacher are just some of the contestants who will push their bodies to the limit as they compete in epic and physically demanding challenges, while mentally navigating their way through cunning and strategic game play.

Law student Conner, 23, from Canberra considers himself a super fan. He says: “I have been a huge fan of Survivor for as long as I can remember. I’ve watched almost every season and every episode. I know the game inside out. I love being thrown in the deep end and I love a challenge and what better rite of passage to manhood than a challenge as big as this.”

Army corporal El, 33, from Queensland is ready for the challenge. She says: “On Survivor I will be in my element. I’m third generation Army. It’s the core of who I am. Being in the army, you are surrounded by heroes and by people that are always stepping out of their comfort zones.”

The Survivor motto is outwit, outplay, outlast, and former professional cricketer Lee, 40, from Queensland wants to do it all with a conscience. He says: “It’s important to play a fair game because it’s how I was brought up. There’s the notion out there that you have to lie, that you have to cheat, that you have to back stab, and I’m of the belief that you don’t have to do that to win the game.”       

To watch the first six minutes of the first episode of Australian Survivor please click here 

Australian Survivor Premieres 7:30 pm Sunday on Ten