Ten Locks in Murphy Brown for Monday Nights

10 has confirmed the new  Murphy Brown series will air on Monday nights with double episodes.

In a landscape of fake news and online misinformation, we’re in need of a real-deal reporter who knows the difference between fact and fiction.

Enter Murphy Brown (Candice Bergen), iconic broadcast news queen who is ready to tackle the 24-hour news cycle, the current state of cable news, clickbait and a very different political and cultural climate. Murphy steps out of retirement and into the hot seat as host of a brand spanking new morning news show, Murphy in the Morning.

Murphy calls upon lifestyle reporter Corky Sherwood (Faith Ford), investigative journalist Frank Fontana (Joe Regalbuto) and her former news producer Miles Silverberg (Grant Shaud) to help her navigate the crazy world of modern media.

But it’s social media director Pat Patel (Nik Dodani) who has been given the challenging task of bringing Murphy and Co. into the 21st century.  

And, if that’s not enough, Murphy’s millennial son Avery (Jake McDorman), who shares his mother’s competitive spirit and quick wit, moves home to follow in her journalistic footsteps.

A force-of-nature, defined not by her appearance or her family, but by her smart, outrageous fury, there really is no one else quite like Murphy.

Murphy Brown Premieres Monday, 26 November At 8.30pm on 10