Ten Changes Schedule Moves Dance to Thursday

In what we can consider not a huge surprise Ten has changed their schedule for this Sunday night at the last minute.

Among the changes So You Think You Can Dance moves to Thursdays after failing to deliver a solid audience as a result of the change  a PG rated version of Thor will screen.  Law and Order SVU moves to 9 PM. The Biggest Loser will screen 7:30 Tuesday Wednesday and 8:30 Friday..

To avoid any confusion here is Tens complete prime time schedule .

Sunday, March 16
2014 Formula One Australian Grand Prix live and exclusive until 7.00pm
7.00pm: Have You Been Paying Attention?
7.30pm: Sunday Night Movie THOR
9.30pm: The Graham Norton Show

Monday, March 17
6.30pm: The Project
7.30pm: Modern Family (S5,Ep13)
8.00pm: Bondi Rescue (ep3)
8.30pm: Secrets and Lies (ep3)
9.30pm: Blue Bloods (S4,Ep1)

Tuesday, March 18
6.30pm: The Project
7.30pm: The Biggest Loser
8.30pm: NCIS (S11,Ep10)
9.30pm: NCIS: LA (S5,Ep12)

Wednesday, March 19
6.30pm: The Project
7.30pm: The Biggest Loser
8.30pm: Puberty Blues (S2,Ep3)
9.30pm: The Good Wife (S5,Ep5)

Thursday, March 20
6.30pm: The Project
7.30pm: So You Think You Can Dance (90 minute performance and elimination show)
9.00pm: Law & Order: SVU (S15,Ep13)
10.00pm: Law & Order: SVU (rpt)

Friday, March 21
6.30pm: The Project
7.30pm: The Living Room
8.30pm: The Biggest Loser
9.30pm: Hawaii 5-0 (S4,Ep8)

Saturday, March 22
6.30pm: David Attenborough Madagascar (Ep1)
7.30pm: Bondi Vet
8.30pm: Saturday Night Movie: Captain America