Ten adds Masterchef Special Encores 24 and Changes Sunday

There are a few key changes to Ten’s Schedule this week.

The final episode of Jamie and Jimmy’s Food Fight Club second season featuring Jenifer Saunders has been pulled. In it’s place a speical on the top 24 of Masterchef will screen called MasterChef: Class of 2014

If you’ve ever wondered just what it takes to put on the famous apron and compete amongst the best – then this is the special for you. Class of 2014 will take us behind the scenes, and provide a unique glimpse into the contestants’ private lives with interviews, unseen audition footage, and much, much more.

7:30 Thursday on Ten.

This weeks episode o Hawaii Five-0 has been postponed for an encore  of 24 Live Another Day at 8:30 PM on Friday

Meanwhile Modern Family will now air at 7PM with The Millers airing at 6:30 PM