Tears, Idols And Exile as Survivor surprises

Last night Survivor continued and there were a lot of tears.

After weeks away from their loved ones, the Castaways were visibly moved when it was revealed gifts from home would be the prize in tonight’s Reward Challenge. After a hard slog racing through water, the Champions took out the Challenge, which left a devastated Contenders Tribe in tears.

At the Champions camp, the tribe members all opened their gifts from home and relayed to their team the meaning behind each gift. Last in line to open his presents was Fitness Specialist Steve Willis, who on reading his letters from his children, broke down in tears.


On his children, Steve said: “My kids really mean the world to me. I think that’s something I’ve searched for – not that I’ve needed to search for – my whole life, is love and acceptance.”

In tonight’s Immunity Challenge, the Castaways were asked to combine endurance with strength holding sandbags above their heads for as long as possible. Despite a mighty effort, the Contenders were the first to drop their sandbags which meant a return to Tribal Council for the struggling teammates.

Queensland Builder Heath was out for revenge after his closest ally Tegan had been sent to Exile Beach in the previous Tribal Council. Despite his efforts to make alliances with the Tribe, his neck was firmly on the chopping block in a move lead by Entrepreneur Benji.

The Contenders tribe went into Tribal Council confident they would pull off another blindside on gentle giant Heath, but at the last-minute Heath played his Immunity Idol and sent Anita off to Exile Beach instead.

Knowing that she may not see her tribe again, Anita said: “Whatever happens, love you guys.”