Team Left Shell Shocked After Egg-tremely Hard Boiled Challenge

When it comes to 21st’s, it’s a tradition to skull a beer at a bar, but on the 21st leg of The Amazing Race Australia, it’s customary to skull an emu egg in a hot shed in Dubbo.

For their first challenge, teams headed to the Old Dubbo Gaol where they were locked in a pitch black cell. In the corner of the room were candles revealing four spy mirrors.  The mission was to escape the gaol by evading the guards, who could only look straight ahead, and follow the flags to an escape route before scaling the wall of the prison. 

The Gold Coast Girls were first to arrive, and instead of taking one mirror, they took all of them, leaving the other teams with none. Was this an accident or just plain genius? The Gold Coast Girls need to take a good hard look at themselves…in their mirrors.

Our gaolbird’s first taste of freedom was met by a Roadblock. In this Roadblock, one team member had to drive a large tractor and line it up with the chaser bin next to the moving header. After collecting a full load of wheat, they needed to drop it into wheat bags. If teams wanted to be the bread winner of this challenge, they needed skill, a steady hand and focus. 

With the tractor talk aside, it was time to solidify alliances.  It was clear that The Geek And The Princess were not invited to the power thrupple that included The Super Sikhs, The Gold Coast Girls and The Cowboys.

Teams then travelled at Gulgong to find Australia’s oldest opera house, where they learned and performed a classic song. Dressed in costume and singing to a live pianist with voices only a mother could love, this challenge turned into a soap opera as teams struggled to remember their lines.

Their next challenge was a Detour where teams chose between Crack and Corral. Teams that choose Crack, were faced with downing four different sized, raw eggs – from quail eggs right up to the granddaddy of all eggs, the Emu egg.

Teams that choose Corral had to use whatever techniques necessary to muster 10 emus into a pen. The Geek and The Princess completed this chosen Detour in no-time, but The Cowboys, who dished them out a U-Turn, had other plans for them.

Egg-credibly, Chris, who hasn’t eaten an egg in over six years, took one (more like, eight) for the team and ate both his and Aleisha’s eggs. It took a long time for Chris to swallow, but he got them down and for the first time in the history of the Race, Aleisha didn’t want to kiss Chris on the lips.

When teams successfully completed their chosen Detour, and Chris and Aleisha finished both, it was off to the Pit Stop. First to arrive were The Cowboys, followed by The Super Sikhs and The Gold Coast Girls.

Chris and Aleisha were the fourth and final team to arrive, but they can thank their lucky vegan stars, as Beau revealed to them that it was a predetermined non-elimination round and they would live to race another day.