Team Greece Serve Up The Win After Explosive Dessert Decides Plate of Origin cook off

Team Greece Serve Up The Win After Explosive Dessert Decides Plate of Origin  cook off

On last night’s episode of Plate of Origin, it was a battle of the superpowers as Team Greece and Team France went head-to-head in the arena with cousins Dezi and Penny making  good on their mantra – don’t underestimate Greek mums

Competitors Austine and Leo came in extremely confident, hoping to showcase an array of techniques to establish France as the best cuisine in the world. While they nailed the duck component of their main with a beautifully crispy skin, they stumbled on the accompanying blueberry sauce.

Team Greece took the judges to their home island by cooking octopus, a symbol of Greek summer.  It was a near perfect main grilled to perfection, aside from Manu’s tasting plate which was slightly undercooked.

The dessert round was the all-important decider. After a slip up with their Loukoumades dough exploding in the fridge, forcing them to start from scratch, Team Greece rescued their dessert and came up trumps after Team France misjudged the proportions of their Framboisier tower.

With Team France headed into the elimination challenge, Manu gave Austine and Leo some advice: French food doesn’t have to be fine dining, encouraging the pair to do simple foods, but full of flavour.

“We are going to fight in this competition, this is not the end for Team France, ” said Leo of his team’s future after their defeat.


Dezi, 42 and Penny, 33 VIC


Octopus with Skordalia and Greek Elixir

Matt: “Beautifully, simply emotive Greek. The smoky char of the octopus, absolutely spectacular well done.”

Manu: “The capsicum and cheese dip – I loved it.” “But the octopus for me, was just a little undercooked.”




Manu: “The ice-cream itself was absolutely delicious. I loved the flavour balance between salt and sweet in ice-cream.”

Gary: “The touch of salt and balance in the ice-cream was genius and very sophisticated.”


Austine, 28 and Leo, 32 NSW


Magret de Canard aux Mûres

(Duck with Blackberry Sauce)

Matt: “You cooked the duck, rendered the fat, crisped the skin – all perfectly.”

Gary: “For me, the duck potatoes were soft and delicious. It looked beautiful.”

Matt: “Duck. Blackberry. Brilliant.”


Framboisier (Raspberry Cake)

Matt: “Too much sponge and a custard that was too heavy.”

Manu: “I think your problem is you value technique over flavour. Flavour trumps presentation every time.”

Gary: “It was a great sponge but there was too much of it. It was a great