Team Do Win Over Team O’Neil.on Family Feud

Team Do Win Over Team O’Neil.on Family Feud

Last night  All Star Family Feud saw Anh Do captain his comedy team mates Fiona O’Loughlin, Emily Taheny and Tripod’s Steven “Gatesy” Gates to victory over Team O’Neil, led by Dave O’Neil, with a convincing 427 points to 317.

Dave and his team of Anne Edmonds, Harley Breen and Em Rusciano took the lead early with a round one win. The question “Name something about politicians that comedians make fun of” led to an impersonation of John Howard meeting Bob Hawke by Dave. 

In round two, Em jumped in early and her answer “Ice cream” was met with a strike – the full question being “Name a sweet you might find in a bag of mixed lollies”.

Team O’Neil were on a winning streak in rounds two and three before team Do finally won round four and took the lead with double points.

Although team O’Neil regained ground with a round five win, Team Do came through with the goods in round six. The question “What’s another word for tired?” had Dave debating answering with “Knackered”. He decided against it, only for Team Do to eventually use it when given the chance to steal, leading to their round six win and game victory.

Anh and Emily represented their team in Fast Money. Their score of 201 points won them an extra $10,000 for their charity Youth Off The Streets, taking their total winnings to $30,000. Team O’Neil won $10,000 for their charity, Pyjama Foundation.

Next week The Project hosts will take on Ramsay Street’s Neighbours. Playing for Carrie’s Beanies For Brain Cancer, The Project team will be led by Carrie Bickmore alongside Waleed Aly, Peter Helliar and Steve Price. Olympia Valance will captain the Neighbours team, with Alan Fletcher, Jackie Woodburne and Stefan Dennis playing for Australian Childhood Foundation.

All Star Family Feud airs 7:30 pm Monday on Ten