TBL Farewells another contestant

They are dropping like files on The Biggest Loser.

The white team farewelled yet another family member on TBL Families  when Sylvia Hailwood was eliminated from the competition.

With the white and black teams falling below the yellow line, Sylvia and the black team’s Tenealle Auvale nominated themselves for elimination.

As a mother to three beautiful young girls, Sylvia’s goal has been to play a more active role in her daughters’ lives. But when her family failed to pull the numbers this week, Sylvia felt she was a burden to her sister Sam and brother-in-law Cliff.

“I can’t motivate Cliff like [Sam] can. We are too stubborn and we butt heads all the time. I think it’s best if I go,” Sylvia explained. Tenealle nominated herself because she also felt it was her turn to represent her family.

With the blue team finally above the yellow line, they and the red team voted unanimously for Sylvia to go home, although they were quick to explain it was a strategic vote, rather than a personal one.

Learning her time in the competition had come to an end, Sylvia said: “My experience here has been amazing. I’ve done things that I’ve never even considered I would be able to do. I’ve loved every minute. I might not have looked like I’ve loved every minute, but I have. I wouldn’t change anything for the world.”

While there is never a good time to leave Camp TBL, Sylvia has something to look forward to at home. “Tomorrow’s my daughter’s birthday. She turns nine. She will be eating cake and I’ll be eating carrot sticks,” she said.

During her time on TBL Families, Sylvia went from 141.7 kilograms down to 127.3 kilograms, losing a total of 14.4 kilograms or 10.16% of her body weight.