TBL Families gives everyone makeovers

After nine long weeks everyone in The Biggest Loser game  was given a makeover so without further ado let’s look at how far each person has come.

First up all the eliminated contestants



Ali Pastel

Before                         After

Ali Pestell - Before


Ali Pestell - After







Mel Pastel

Before                                      After

Melissa Pestell - Before

Mel Pestell - After









Terry Pastell

Before                                  After

Terry Pestell - Before

Terry Pestell - After









Jodie Pastell

Before                                 After

Jodie Pestell - BeforeJodie Pestell - After










Cliff Hailwood

Before                                       After

Cliff Hailwood - BeforeCliff Hailwood - After







Sam Hailwood

Before                                  After

Sam Hailwood - Before Sam Hailwood - After










Sylvia Hailwood

Before                                            After

Sylvia Hailwood - Before Sylvia Hailwood - After










Kayla Hailwood

Before                                   After

Kayla Hailwood - Before Kayla Hailwood - After









Moses Auvale

Before                                     After

Moses Auvale - Before Moses Auvale - After










Rina Auvale

Before                                     After

Rina Auvale - Before Rina Auvale - After










The Final 6

Tenealle Auvale

Before                                   After

Tenealle Auvale - Before Tenealle Auvale - After










Johnee Auvale

Before                                    After

Johnee Auvale - Before Johnee Auvale - After










Pablo  Jofre

Before                                    After

Pablo Jofre - Before Pablo Jofre - After









Rob Jofre

Before                                        After

Rob Jofre - Before Rob Jofre - After










Tony Jofre

Before                                            After

Tony Jofre - Before Tony Jofre - After










Danirl Jofre

Before                                           After

Daniel Jofre - Before Daniel Jofre - After










Topping off a stunning night of reveals   Jodie Pestell accepted a marriage proposal from long-term boyfriend Anthony.  

After four years of dating, Anthony has made no secret of his desire to make Jodie his wife, buying an engagement ring a year ago. But Jodie did not want to get married until she felt better about herself.

After seeing the happy, confident new Jodie, Anthony was inspired to drop to one knee, telling his girlfriend: “You look so beautiful. I’m proud of you. I love you. We’ve been together four years. It’s been the best four years of my life and you make me really happy. Will you marry me?”

An ecstatic Jodie replied: “Oh my God! Yes, I’ll marry you!” Jodie explained: “Anthony was waiting for the right time to propose. And he chose Makeover! I’m getting married!”

 With both Tony and Rob puuting on weight after Pablo’s birthday celebration both will face elmination  tonight at 7:30pm on Ten.