Taronga: Who’s Who in the Zoo May 27

 Taronga: Who’s Who in the Zoo May 27

In the most emotional episode of Taronga: Who’s Who in the Zoo yet, keepers are faced with one of the hardest decisions they will ever have to make, this Wednesday

As the zoo prepares to move its giraffe herd from their current home to a newly created, African-inspired savanna, tragedy hits.

Nyota is Taronga’s oldest giraffe – 28. She has had declining health for some time due to advanced age and arthritis, but after a sudden overnight deterioration the zoo’s vets must question her quality of life.

Described as a special, one-of-a-kind, free-spirited lady, Nyota has brought joy to the zoo’s staff and visitors since she was born at Taronga in 1992.

In an emotionally charged episode that illustrates the emotional bond between keepers and animals, the team are confronted by a situation that involves saying goodbye to a friend.

Giraffe keeper Tracey said: “It’s always very hard when you lose someone, and that’s what the animals are to us, they are someone that you love.”

With over 4500 animals living across Taronga’s sprawling 28 hectares, set on spectacular Sydney Harbour, the zoo can’t afford to forget about any of their other animals.

Reptile keeper Stu takes us into the lair of Naga, a Komodo dragon who has a sore shoulder.

Although keepers have the best intentions, they know that Naga is a dangerous wild animal. With animal health being the highest priority, Stu enters the den to try and help this injured Komodo.

Meanwhile at the otter house, keeper Maz is trying to train a family of otters. With these cute furry creatures likened to young children who drink too much red cordial, Maz has his hands full as he persists in not letting the training be an otter failure.

Narrated by Naomi Watts, this fascinating documentary series gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to run one of the world’s most famous and magnificent zoos.

7.30pm Wednesday  on Nine.