Tanya Hennessy Farewells The Jungle.

Tanya Hennessy Farewells The Jungle.

Oh how we love a gate in I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! And although we don’t mean a physical gate,

Who will forget the great #Portiongate of 2018, when Jackie Gillies and Paul Burrell came to blows over the unbalanced amount of food dispersed between the campmates? Or the great #Lemongate debacle of 2019, when Justin Lacko and Justine Schofield went head-to-head over how to use lemon in a dish. Not to mention reality stars Laurina Fleure and Keira Maguire’s contract and chilli gates respectively.

Well poor Ryan Gallagher has found himself in the middle of two great gate debates this season. First up we had #Sockgate, where himself and Tanya Hennessy clashed over him taking and wearing her socks, and tonight he got himself in a sticky situation with #Bananagate.

The celebrities were split (pun intended) over how to distribute five bananas given to the camp. Miguel Maestre thought all five should be chopped up and dished out evenly, whilst Ryan thought the camp could share four and give one to Charlotte, who was struggling to eat oats.

A heated debate ensued with Perez Hilton’s fiery Latino side coming out in full swing. Perez challenged Rylotte over being disrespectful to Miguel, Ryan wanted Perez to pipe down, and Rhonda Burchmore and Dale Thomas just wanted to bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles so everyone could eat it and be happy.

Dale, who has spoken openly this season about his views on Australia Day, mental health, and homosexuality in sport, became the voice of reason once again. In a powerful speech about finals week, perspective and regret, he re-reminded the celebrities why they were doing this show and the fact this was a fight…about bananas.

Perez apologised to Miguel, with Charlotte and Ryan following suit. As for #Rylotte and Perez? Well… let’s just say there is no love lost there.

Australia, who were none the wiser that #Bananagate was coming, voted in the tussling trio to compete in the terrifying trial, Buns Of Steel. Perched up 64 metres from the ground and made to bungee off the edge, all three were visibly nervous.

Whilst Perez smashed the challenge and won all available nine stars for camp, #Rylotte chickened out and said those immortal words, I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!

Putting the banana drama behind them, the celebrities bonded over video messages from home.

Miguel’s parents made everyone laugh despite only speaking in Spanish, and tears rolled down his (and our) faces as his kids told him they can’t wait for cuddles. Everyone agreed that Dale and Cosentino’s girlfriends were solid 10’s and that Charlotte is a chip off the old block after watching her mum.

Rhonda was touched that her husband, after years refusing to be on camera, came through to show his love and support for her. But it was Ryan who had his campmates, and all of Australia, in tears after receiving his messages from home. Hearing from his mum was one thing, but a hand-written letter from his dad who is suffering from Parkinson’s disease, was all too much for him and us to handle.

Later in the show, Dr. Chris Brown and Julia Morris announced that social media sensation Tanya Hennessy was the sixth celebrity to be voted out of the jungle.

For a girl whose whole life, career and income revolved around her mobile phone, a contactless four weeks in the jungle has worked wonders for Tanya.

Opening up to resident camp dad Miguel, a teary Tanya broke down discussing her dependence on social media and how the jungle has taught her about the importance of human connection.

The former radio presenter brought podcasting equipment into camp as her luxury item, which formed the basis of several intimate sit-down chats involving Billy Brownless, Dale Thomas and Perez Hilton. From the AFL champions talking about life on and off the field, to Perez opening up about his tainted image, no topics were off limits.

One topic that may be off limits on Tanya’s return home is socks. In this season’s infamous #sockgate saga, Tanya and Ryan came to blows when she confronted him for taking her only pair of clean dry socks. Big world problems ya know?

From her tormenting of Billy during the mentor/minion challenge to her social commentary on the goings-on of camp life, Tanya had Australia in stitches. But she equally showed us moments of vulnerability, opening up to the camp about the distressing statistics surrounding her charity RUOK? and to Charlotte about her unsuccessful attempts at getting pregnant.

Tanya competed in four trials, the most memorable being Oh.My Gob, where she had to consume blended stomach lining, stinky tofu liquid and earthworms.

Tune in tomorrow night to see Charlotte and Miguel partake in the tricky trial, Balancing Act, and another unlucky celebrity bids farewell to camp life for good.