Tanila’s banking on Ultimate Tag glory

Tanila’s banking on Ultimate Tag glory

Can a bank manager outrun a superhero?  this is the question raised in a new Ultimate Tag promotion released today.

Tanila is a bank manager on a mission: to prove that David can beat Goliath. But is his mouth writing cheques his body can’t cash in the Ultimate Tag arena?

He’ll find out fast as he takes on some of the fiercest Pro Taggers in the game, including Hammer and The Bulldog. Real-life superhero, Hammer, has an incredible wingspan of nearly two metres, while The Bulldog’s bark is just as bad as his bite.

This bank manager must count on every skill in his reserve to take on his biggest challenge yet.

Ultimate Tag takes the playground game we know and love to a whole new level – a blockbuster tournament in outrageous arenas between everyday Aussies and blisteringly fast pros. The goal? Just don’t get caught.

Will Tanila’s number be up, or will he manage to evade the Pro Taggers and stay on course for a windfall of $100,000?

Ultimate Tag is coming soon to Channel 7