Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation May 28

Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation next week sees our captains are joined by a comedian, an actor and an AFL star.

While the teams do their darnedest to avoid errant era errors, who will draw ahead, who is on fire, and who is simply cooked?

Continuing his quest to find the finest generation that ever lived, host Shaun Micallef pushes the three generations to the edge of what is humanly viable to uncover the answer. Is there anything they won’t do? Battle lines are drawn between Gen X, led by Robyn Butler, Gen Y, led by Andy Lee, and Gen Z, led byLaurence Boxhall.

Robyn is joined by funny man and radio star Dave Hughes, Andy is joined by actor, author and supermum Madeleine West, and Laurence is joined by Melbourne Demons superstar, Jayden Hunt.

Tune in to find out what happens when Jayden is forced to draw his interpretation of famous novels to much confusion, two players try to identify food with their feet, and End Game puts to an end any doubt about which generation is the most hipster.

With points awarded not only for correct answers but also for other reasons that satisfy the whims of our most whimful of hosts, the winning generation could shock even the most unshockable viewers.

Don’t miss Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation at 7.30pm Monday on Nine