Take An Emotional Ride With Ambulance Australia.

Ten’s sensational new fly-on-the-wall documentary series, Ambulance Australia, has released its first trailer.

Ambulance Australia follows the intense battle to saves lives of every day Australians – straight from the emotional triple zero phone call in the “nerve centre” of the Ambulance NSW’s emergency control room, through to the paramedics on the frontline. This gripping series takes viewers through the high-pressure life or death situations, as seen through the eyes of the first responders.

Every extraordinary episode is a no holds barred and honest look at the emotional, physical and mental demands faced by our extraordinary call takers, dispatchers and paramedics each day they suit up for work.

Witnessing the heart-warming and often heartbreaking stories alongside the emergency response personnel, Ambulance Australia’s candid approach to storytelling will keep viewers glued to their seats.



Ambulance Australia premieres soon on Ten