Survivor’s New Alliance Rocks The Champions.

As we enter our second week of Australian Survivor I can honestly say I didn’t see this coming.

Following the nail-biting elimination of Russell Hantz, the Champions team arrived at the Reward challenge ready to rumble. In a soccer style game of shoot outs, the Champions proved too good for the Contenders and walked away with a highly coveted fishing set.

Back at camp, a clue to a hidden immunity idol was found by AFLW player Moana on the Champions team and Heath from the Contenders. Revealing that an Idol will be hidden at the next Tribal Council, Moana successfully concealed her clue, whereas Heath found himself on shaky ground when Rob caught him red handed.

The mammoth Immunity challenge saw teams manoeuvre a giant wheel around a course. As two players on top of the wheel fished for baskets, another two assembled a mega puzzle.

The Champions set the pace early in the challenge, but some poor basket handling and a puzzle fumble from Poker Player Jackie saw the Contenders surge ahead to their second straight Immunity win.

Knowing her puzzle palaver had put a target on her back, Jackie turned on the water-works in a bid to plea for her spot on the tribe.


Jackie said: “I’m a poker player. I have no problems with deceiving people.”

Football great Mat, Moana and Fitness Specialist Steve called Jackie’s bluff, but that didn’t stop her from scrambling to convince the team that Damien was the weakest link, and that he must go if the team is to stand a chance at winning challenges.

At Tribal Council, Steve urged his tribe mates before they headed to the voting urn to think for themselves and not follow the heard. As they all filed into vote, Moana’s visit to the urn was bittersweet as she was able to pocket the hidden immunity idol.

For Damien however, this trip to Tribal Council would be his last with a heart-wrenching outcome, six votes were enough to snuff Damien’s Torch.