Survivor Stages a Surprising Blindside

Survivor Stages a Surprising Blindside

In a big episode of Survivor, the Brains tribe changed the game.

Over at Brawn, Cara was settling into her new adopted camp, and it was straight to business as dished the dirt on her former Tribemates. Both were keen to get the newbie onboard their respective alliances with Shannon and Simon neck-and-neck with numbers.

An Aussie BBQ was up for grabs at the Reward Challenge, where a member from each Tribe had to hold a water-filled barrel, off the ground. The first to drop forfeited for the whole Tribe. As they battled it out, Gerald was the first to drop his barrels, losing the challenge for Brawn. Brains were euphoric as they celebrated their first Reward win, after 15 long days.

Morale was low at Brawn, with Gerald feeling a target was on his back. Sensing the toll of the last challenge on her new campmates, Cara revealed her empath skills and turned the mood around with a group healing session. Cara garnered a special connection with Shannon, and Simon cottoned onto his competition.

The Immunity Challenge saw each Tribe run a rope obstacle course and lift the Immunity Idol on a precarious hoist, to a hook at the top of a tower at the end. Before hitting the course, it was revealed another Immunity Idol was hidden on the field, and whoever decided to go searching for it, could cost their Tribe time on the course.

Making her first big move in the game, Hayley struck lucky after finding the Idol and joined the Tribe back on the course. Brains and Brawn were neck and neck at the Idol hoist tower – but Brawn once again got the better of Brains and won, sending Brains off to another Tribal Council.

Brains took the defeat in their stride back at camp, as head-honcho Joey embarked on a mission to finally vote out George. As George desperately campaigned for votes, like the political operative he is, Hayley saw an opportunity to gather the people at the bottom of the alliance and bring down the tribe’s hierarchy, all without burning her Idol.

At Tribal Council, they discussed the fragility of unity and unanimously chorused that George is a roadblock going forward. After the chance was offered for an Idol to be played, Hayley didn’t budge. Against the odds, the votes stacked up in Hayley’s favour, with Joey securing four votes against George’s three, leaving his torch is snuffed.


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