Survivor Showdown goes wrong

Another Sunday another Survivor episode. 

Sarah is happy to be considered underrated but is determined to take out Luke. She has decided to talk to Pete. She tells Luke and Jericho that she wants to work with Pete. Luke considering himself the king and based on her wanting to work with Pete. is planning her exit come tribal council.

At Asanga, Harry is worried about Michelle still being in the game after she threw Ben under the bus at tribal last week

At the reward challenge Samatau win an Italian feast that consist of Pasta pizza red wine and garlic bread. They are allowed to take two tribe members from Asanga they choose Pete and Sarah. At the feast, Samatau has a good time while Sarah uses the opportunity to talk to Harry who tells her he’s working on getting her to top five. Over at Asanga Luke doesn’t trust Pete not to tell Samatau about Asanga while they are feeding their faces Luke is setting up Sarah’s departure in a blind side with Tara and Odette.

Upon returning to camp Sarah decides to lie to her tribe about the fact they discussed Asanga… Luke has seen straight through and Tara tells Sarah that Luke is gunning for her. Sarah is impressed as this means their alliance is now smashed.

In this Michelle is upping her gameplay and decides to tell Locky that Henry slipped Jericho a clue Locke already knows this, however, he  doesn’t let on to Michelle that he does.

At the immunity challenge, two tribe mates must release the planks to create a staircase which leads to a puzzle once everyone’s on the deck they can solve a puzzle.Samatau has a huge lead while Asanga is having trouble communicating which allows Samatau to win immunity and the chance to listen in at tribal where it’s clear it’s a Luke v Sarah showdown.

Upon returning to Asanga Sarah sets out to get Pete Tara and Odette to vote out Luke. Luke is going to turn on Jericho to stay in the game but it’s Odette who has an advantage in being the swing vote so Sarah walks her through the plan. Tara is conflicted with who to vote for and talks to Jericho who is adamant they are voting Peter unaware that Luke is playing him.

At tribal things are heated and everyone’s game play is discussed. Jericho and Sarah are even discussing strategy just before the vote, Things go wrong when Johnathan drops a bombshell he will allow one person from Asanga to go over to Samatau right now. Pete is tempted but Sarah pleads with him not to go but he does anyway.

Sorry for the very rushed recap guys it was written live to air without the use of s pause button