Survivor Serves up a surprising Blindside

Last night Australian Survivor delivered one hell of a surprise that no one saw coming.

As the sun rose for another day on the rugged tropical island of Samoa, Samatau digested the loss of Tarzan and Tessa remained hopeful that the members of the majority alliance would see the error of their ways and seek her support to break up the numbers.

Mastermind game-player A.K. decided that the time to make a move was rapidly approaching and enlisted the support of Tessa. Along with Jarrad and Ziggy, the foursome began to form a plan to take back the power.

Over at Asaga, Jericho continued to use his secret cookie jar to build his army. With Luke and Henry already on side, he reached out to Sarah. Although she was unsure why she was selected, Sarah did not ask questions and tucked into the tasty treats with the Cookie Monster.

At the immunity challenge, tribe mates had to form a line and hold a wooden disc between each person, with one hand on the disc at all times, forming a chain. In a test of strength and endurance, contestants tired one by one, dropping their discs to the ground

Nearly two hours later, Mark and Henry were the only two remaining for Asaga and A.K. and Ziggy for Samatau. As the rain and wind picked up, A.K. and Ziggy dropped their disc in a moment of weakness, sending Samatau back to Tribal Council for the fourth time in a row.

Back at camp, pressure was building and Tara began to plot a blindside of her own. With Locky on board, they began to recruit the majority alliance to vote against A.K. Little did they know, A.K. was plotting a surprise of his own.

With Tessa, Jarrad, Ziggy and Peter seemingly on side, A.K. was confident his plan would work. The new five-strong alliance decided that Locky was too valuable in the challenges to dispose of, so his sidekick Aimee would be the one to go.  After hours of idle chit-chat, serious planning, lies and deceit, the tribe set off for Tribal Council, unaware of the shock that was about to unfold

As they gathered by the fire, all nine contestants seemed confident with their plans until Aimee threw a spanner in the works and spoke the truth about the majority alliance. As they all struggled to hide their shock, no one was sure which way the vote would go.

As  counted the votes, Aimee was gobsmacked to receive five votes and become the fifth person voted out of Australian Survivor. Locky, Tara and Anneliese could not contain their shock and anger as they headed back to camp for another day.