Survivor sends Castaways to Exile

Survivor sends Castaways to Exile

Well that was a bit shocking…………………………… 

Paranoia set in when Fia Fia returned to camp from Tribal Council following Nick’s departure. Nick had exposed fractions within the tribe and the alliance members questioned their place in the game. He named the “Power Trio” of Flick, El and Brooke as the game masterminds, leaving Matt devastated that he was not included in the core alliance.

Worried that Nick’s allegations would have a lasting impact on the game, Flick immediately set about dismissing his claims and made empty promises to Sue to ensure she felt secure about her place in the tribe.

Today’s Immunity Challenge required each tribe member to complete a difficult obstacle course that focused on balance. The first four contestants to drop out of the challenge were to be sent to Exile Beach, so the competition was fierce.

Lee, Matt, Flick and Sue were the first to drop out. They were immediately asked to leave the challenge and head to Exile Beach, not to return until  Tribal Council.

The Immunity Challenge continued with another balance course that saw Sam and Kristie drop out, leaving El, Brooke and Jennah-Louise to compete in the final stage of the challenge. In a close race, Jennah-Louise was eventually named the winner and presented with her first-ever individual Immunity necklace.

Flick, Matt, Sue and Lee arrived at Exile Beach upset that they were now removed from the rest of the tribe. They were immediately presented with a message that an Immunity Idol was hidden on the beach.

Secure in her place at the top of the tribe, Flick easily persuaded the others not to look for the Immunity Idol. She did not want Matt and Sue to find it and potentially save themselves in the game. Flick convinced them that the idol would put a target on their backs and it was agreed that no one would look for it.

Back at Fia Fia camp, discussion about tonight’s elimination intensified and Sue was named as the person to send home.

Removed from the day’s discussions about elimination, the Exile Beach players felt vulnerable, not knowing how to vote as they headed to Tribal Council.

With Nick sitting in on Tribal Council as the first jury member, the tribe mates were measured in their discussions about alliance divisions but did reveal that honesty and trust can never be guaranteed in the game.

Once the votes were cast, Jonathan read the votes and announced that Kylie would be going home. As her torch was snuffed out, the 38-year-old firefighter told her fellow tribe mates: “This has been an amazing experience, and to share it with you has just been phenomenal. Good luck.”