Survivor Merge leads to a Dethroning

Survivor Merge leads to a Dethroning

Tonight’s sting was directed at King Khanh, who proved far too formidable when the two tribes merged with their loved ones. 

But Khanh’s final day in the outback wasn’t all bad. Today the newly merged Lava tribe were playing for a cash prize of $60,000 in today’s Reward Challenge, which Khanh won without breaking a sweat, confirming his title of challenge beast.

Back at camp, there was a bunch of strat-chat happening as everyone celebrated their reunion with past tribemates and loved ones, while they furiously worked out who’s working with who. 

Sam and Mark’s highly anticipated reunion did not disappoint. Mark wasn’t joking when he said he wanted to keep his idol to himself – he didn’t even plan to share the news with his wife, Sam.

Soon after her debrief with Mark, Sam’s head was sent spinning when she found out about her husband’s hidden immunity idol from loose-lipped Jordie. Mark landed in hot water as he quickly realised that he and Sam were merging two different strategies.

Today’s Immunity Challenge was an important one to win, as the first Tribal Council following merge is always a doozy. Jesse took no chances, securing the necklace around his neck after he outlasted KJ in the bucket bicep challenge.

During the pre-Tribal Council scramble, Mark remained firmly in the doghouse with Sam. This time because he was gunning for her closest ally, King Khanh. The same King that selflessly gave his wife his own Immunity to save her a spot in the game the night prior!

Sam was not having a bar of this plan, she thought Shay was the real threat, but she knew she was out-numbered by the strong male alliance that Mark was silently spearheading. 

At Tribal Council, Khanh’s face turned to shock as his name appeared on more pieces of parchment than he had planned for, while his idol burned a hole in his well-worn khaki short-shorts. 

Taking it with grace and humour, Khanh reflected on his blindside: “I got blindsided. It was super sad but also really exciting for a fan. I went home with an idol, which is so dumb but also awesome – I’ve had it for 21 days now. I’m too trusting, and I’m naive, but it’s a flaw that I’m willing to take.”

This is not the last you’ll see of the King. 


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