Survivor loses a fan favourite

Survivor loses a fan favourite

Plans went awol on the latest Survivor episode.

The previous tribal left Vakama, especially Mat, spinning over Lydia’s elimination. Realising he and John were at the bottom of the tribe, he set about recruiting the former Mokuta members to get Locky out.

At the reward challenge, each tribe bid for items as individuals but use a collective tribe kitty of $2000. Anything won individually was paid for by the tribe. Tribe members could also bid against each other until the max bid of $500 was reached.

Not mucking around, Phoebe bid $500 on a secret scroll, much to her tribe’s horror. With the reward being a private seat at the auction winning everything that was bid on, Phoebe asked AK from Vakama to join her in the spoils.

In between mouthfuls, Phoebe told AK what was going down in her tribe, who voted for her, that Moana was running the tribe and she was gunning for all the old Vakama members.

Later, David went shaking trees to find an idol. This technique rarely works but of course it did for the Golden God who pocketed his secret.

Jumping on the ‘pain train’ for the immunity challenge, tribe members paired up to face each other, placing their feet on a disc to hold in mid-air. Dropping their feet meant a giant bucket of water would fall and end their place in the challenge.

Yet again Mokuta walked away from the challenge with immunity leaving Vakama to duke it out once more at Tribal Council.

Desperate to eliminate Mat and his idol, Locky and AK set about getting the numbers on their side. With the vote split between John and Mat, Locky was confident they could flush Mat’s idol and leave him as a sitting duck to get picked off next time.

Mat on the other hand was gunning for Locky and placed doubt in Flick’s mind about their loyalty to her in the hopes to get her to turn and the vote the way he wanted.

At Tribal Council, when it came down to the vote, Mat knew the odds were against him and played his idol sending John home.