Survivor Jenna extinguished as Injury takes its toll

injured Contender Jenna became the fifth person voted out as an emotional tribe voted for physical strength over friendship. 

After being choppered out for a medical investigation, the FIFO Worker was told by doctors she would be unable to continue in any physical challenges. This laid seeds of doubt among the Contenders about what she would be able to achieve for the tribe moving forward.

Before she had received the medical diagnosis, Jenna participated in tonight’s Reward Challenge in a limited capacity. It was a game of balance and strength with the reward a trip to an Aussie pub, that offered a bounty of cold beer and warm pies.


Despite a tight race, Paige’s lack of finesse in the end cost the Contenders the win giving the Champions their fourth consecutive Reward win and a trip to the pub.


While a frustrated Contender tribe went back to their camp empty-handed, the Champions headed to Cam’s Pub where a wall of memories waited for them. They enjoyed their Aussie

reward, reminisced about the moments that made them Champions and their loved ones at home.


With Jenna sidelined for medical treatment during the Immunity Challenge, the Contenders came into the contest a little bit weaker, but hungry for victory. Despite an amazing effort across canoes, ramps and shooting hoops, the Champions strength and accuracy again proved too much for their competitors to match.

Back at the Contenders camp, the tribe agreed almost unanimously that it was Jenna’s time to go in order to keep the tribe strong. When Jenna returned from the medics and confirmed she was unable to contribute physically, it seemed to be the nail in her coffin but she wouldn’t go down without a fight.


At the emotional Tribal Council, Jenna plead for her place in the tribe. Though Paige’s name had been thrown around due to her deceitfulness, it became clear across the conversation, that the tribe would be voting to keep their tribe strong.

In a teary conclusion, Jenna was sent home in an almost unanimous vote and the Contenders went back to camp physically stronger, but rattled emotionally.

On her departure, Jenna said: “I came here for my daughter, to prove to her no matter what she does in life to keep stretching for the goals because she will achieve anything she wants to as long as she has determination.”