Survivor finds its finalists

Survivor  finds its finalists

After 47 days out in the unpredictable Fijian wilderness, our final four could smell victory.

While Brooke was annoyed that Sharn and Moana wasted their chance to blindside the “unbeatable” golden god David, she revelled in the fact they would be forced to vote with her, should she win her fourth consecutive immunity challenge.


David knew he had to keep the immunity necklace out of Brooke’s hands if he was to survive another day in the game, but his body was weak. He attempted to strategise with Brooke but she wasn’t committing to anything until after the immunity challenge.


Tonight’s immunity challenge saw our final four compete in a high-octane obstacle course.


It was a titanic battle between the two challenge beasts, David and Brooke. After an agonising race and with nothing left in the tank, David snatched victory from Brooke.


It was a hugely emotional moment for all of them. For David, it was a guaranteed place in the top three but for Brooke, it was knowing this was most likely the end of her game.


Returning to the beach, Brooke wasted no time making a last-ditch attempt to sway the majority alliance.


Brooke pitched hard to Moana to write Sharn’s name down, which would send them both into a fire-making showdown that Brooke knew she could win. Her reasoning to Moana was that she was the only person who could beat David in the next challenge, and promised  to take Moana with her into the final two.


Brooke encouraged Moana to think about what was best for her game and realise that no one can beat David at the end.


At tribal council, Brooke worked hard on Moana to get her to vote Sharn. Brooke planted a seed of doubt with both her and David about Sharn’s sneaky behaviour, even going as far as revealing private conversations she had with Sharn about the other two.


In the end, Sharn, David and Moana stuck by their alliance and Brooke became the 21st person voted out of Australian Survivor: All Stars, and the eighth member of the Jury.


And now with a final three, just who will be crowned Sole Survivor? Tune in on Monday at 7.30pm to find out.